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Kaliyoga Retreat Centre in Spain & France

Recommended in The Guardian newspaper's Top 10 World's Best Yoga Retreats
Kaliyoga, founded in 2002, is an established retreat centre with international clientele. Comfortable accommodation for up to 16 people at our locations in southern Spain and Italy, providing authentic yoga and meditation classes in a nurturing environment for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. First class holistic therapists, cutting-edge vegetarian cuisine, raw juice cleanse detox, laughter, sunshine, pool, sauna.  Singles and couples always welcome.






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One of our most important therapies and clearly one of the most sacred practices around the world is Yoga. We absolutely support anyone wanting to learn more about it to find out ways to better improve their mind, body and soul.  One thing to keep in mind about Yoga especially when just starting out is to understand the proper clothes to wear.  Yoga is all about stretching and extending your body so you do not want to wear any tight or restricted garments. This will greatly hinder your movements as well as your results. For loose fitting clothes, try, leaders in Yoga apparel.


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